Public holidays in Ethiopia

I enjoyed hearing from people who liked the Current Ethiopian time page. I thought it would be a good complement to have another page with a list of Ethiopian holidays, and most importantly, the upcoming holiday. You can see it live on

The following holidays are listed,

ገና / Christmas
ጥምቀት / Epiphany
አድዋ ድል ቀን / Adwa
ስቅለት / Good Friday
ፋሲካ / Easter
የላብ አደሮች ቀን / Labour Day
የአርበኞች ቀን / Patriots’ Day
ደርግ የወደቀበት ቀን / National Day
ረመዳን / End Al Fitre
አረፋ / Eid Al Adaha
እንቁጣጣሽ / New Year
መስቀል / Discovery of The True Cross
መውሊድ / Birthday of the Prophet Mohammed