Current time and date in Ethiopia

Checkout for the current Ethiopian date and time, the way Ethiopians count it.

Few points,

  • Big thanks to¬† for the Gregorian to Ethiopia conversion algorithm.
  • Date and time rendered as image to avoid font problems.
  • I assumed it’s correct to split the day as
    • Kelelitu 6:00 se’at 11:59 se’at
    • Ketewatu 12:00 se’at – 5:59 se’at
    • Kese’at 6:00 se’at 11:59 se’at
    • Kemishitu 12:00 se’at – 5:59 se’at
  • Wishlist:
    • Upcoming holidays at the bottom.

11 thoughts on “Current time and date in Ethiopia

  1. Tile….That was a neat page to see. I am writing you after a very long time. Endet neh ??…I like the Ethiopian time page. I had a similar idea about a year ago. I wanted it to be done by AAU students with more features as “memerekia” project. Mainly, the system would sms a notification to registered phones of upcoming Ethiopian holidays. But your displays at the bottom would also work fine. I am not sure if the holidays can be calculated automatically though, …but that was the plan.

  2. I’m doing well Dave. That’s a good idea too. I thought about that in a more general form. A full fledged Ethiopian calendar with different notification options, sms and email being good candidates, and “new reminder” option. It’s tricky (sometimes even impossible) to predict religious holidays but other holidays are well behaved.

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