Generate Doxygen documentation for core-plot

This post is about how to generate the documentation for core-plot, a graph plotting framework for Cocoa. As the project’s documentation page explains, they use Doxygen to document their code. I followed the steps below to generate the docs.

1. Download and install Graphviz. This is required by Doxygen.

2. Download and install Doxygen.

3. Open Doxygen (type “Doxygen” in spotlight).

4.1 First step is to specify the working directory for Doxygen. I created an empty directory “doxygen-working-dir” for this purpose (I later saved my doxygen settings in this directory). I then gave the project name “core-plot”, and set the source directory box to “core-plot/framework/Source”. I created an empty directory for the destination too.

4.2 I then went to “Run” tab and pressed “Run doxygen”. That generated HTML and Latex output.


You can download the docs I generated here. The license file that comes with it is bundled in the zip file. Remember that you’re best generating the docs yourself from the latest source code though.

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