Current time and date in Ethiopia

Checkout for the current Ethiopian date and time, the way Ethiopians count it.

Few points,

  • Big thanks to for the Gregorian to Ethiopia conversion algorithm.
  • Date and time rendered as image to avoid font problems.
  • I assumed it’s correct to split the day as
    • Kelelitu 6:00 se’at 11:59 se’at
    • Ketewatu 12:00 se’at – 5:59 se’at
    • Kese’at 6:00 se’at 11:59 se’at
    • Kemishitu 12:00 se’at – 5:59 se’at
  • Wishlist:
    • Upcoming holidays at the bottom.

Creating UITableViewCells with “unread” blue dots

There is no straightforward built in functionality for this. What you can do is create the blue dots (or whatever image you like) and set the cell.imageView.image property. I asked on stackoverflow about a problem I faced which is the images weren’t looking nice when a cell is selected. Here is how it looked (first image for “unread” cells and  second for “read” cells)

What is needed is to set a transparent background for the images. Thanks to this post I found a way of masking the images. I’m using the function posted on that website with the following images. Blue dot for “unread” cells, white dot for “read” mails, and the mask image. Feel free to use these images but they are not the typical shiny iphone images. If you know how to make one of those please comment.

Icon stuck on top of screen in Windows

Have you ever had an icon stuck on your screen? Some icon you have, probably on your desktop, simply sits there on top of all windows you open. It’s not clickable. It occasionally blocks your view and when it doesn’t, you somehow feel it’s presence all the time. Very annoying. This is some redraw/refresh problem of course. I have tried pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE in hope that the icon goes away, playing a video with Windows Media Player, turning on my screen saver,… nothing worked. But today I found a solution! The icon went away when I clicked on a random icon from my Quick Launch and started to drag it. Don’t waste your time logging out and back in.